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How These 3 Men Used a Harvard Doctor’s Metabolism “Reset Button” to End Their Blood Sugar Worries

Clinical studies show how activating this hidden button in your body could reset your healthy metabolism for balanced blood sugar… surging energy levels… a trim waistline and much more. Research shows it can start working in just 7 days.

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A new breakthrough that “resets” your metabolism?

So it ENDS your blood sugar worries?

What’s more, it recharges your natural energy levels… and even burns stubborn belly fat?

And it does all of this without extreme diets, exhausting workouts, or dangerous side effects…

…with startling results in just 7 days?

While it sounds impossible, this famous Harvard doctor’s metabolism “Reset Button” can do all that and more.

Even better, there’s a simple way to trigger it.

It’s already helping thousands of people enjoy balanced blood sugar levels, energy, and trim waistlines

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One recent study has the scientific community buzzing with excitement over the amazing results you get from this metabolism “Reset Button”…

In the study, scientists tested it on three men.

All three men had blood sugar worries. They struggled with fatigue. And they had stubborn belly fat.

The researchers realized these men had these problems for a long time… and they might be beyond help.

The researchers realized these men had these problems for a long time… and they might be beyond help.

So these men would be tough cases. If this discovery worked on them, it could work on anyone.

The researchers started by triggering the men’s metabolism “Reset Buttons”.

Then they tested the men’s blood sugar levels.

And what the researchers saw made their jaws drop.

One of the men had perfect blood sugar in only 5 days!

And, within a month, all the men had balanced blood sugar.

The men also reported that they felt more energized than they had in years. And they were amazed to see their belly fat melting away.

Think that’s just a fluke?
Think again!

Because these are the EXACT SAME results a famous Harvard doctor experienced with all his “hopeless” patients by triggering this hidden metabolism button…

But here’s the really crazy part. This solution for perfect blood sugar wasn’t discovered recently…

No, this Harvard doctor discovered it way back in 1916!

So why haven’t you heard about this before?

It turns out this blood sugar breakthrough was BURIED by the medical establishment. I’ll tell you exactly how that happened in a moment.

But first, allow me to introduce myself.


Hello, my name is DR. HOLLY LUCILLE.

I’m a licensed naturopathic doctorand I’ve been featured as a health expert on national programs like The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors.

I know firsthand how many people are suffering from blood sugar worries. I see it every day with my patients.

And from what I’ve experienced, there are no easy fixes.

And from what I’ve experienced, there are no easy fixes.

So when I first heard about this metabolism “reset button”, I was skeptical.

I dug into my research to find out if this solution was real or just a false promise…

And the evidence I uncovered shows it’s 100% REAL.

New research from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Yale shows how when this hidden metabolism button is shut down, it can lead to concerning insulin levels…

… struggling to keep your A1C in a normal range…

… plus stubborn belly fat and fatigue.

But when you trigger this metabolism button in your body, you could maintain PERFECT blood sugar…

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And even get a high-five from your doctor when they confirms your insulin levels and A1C are the best they’ve been in years!

You’ll also notice how your belly fat is shrinking away without starvation diets or exhausting workouts…

And your fatigue is disappearing.

Even better, you don’t have to totally give up carbs and sugar.

That’s because – when your metabolism is back to working full-throttle – your body burns sugar and carbs easily.

You’re about to discover the science that shows EXACTLY how this breakthrough works… and why everything else you’ve tried has failed you...

So what is this metabolism “Reset Button”?

It’s an enzyme in your body called AMPK.


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AMPK is what actually controls how your metabolism behaves…

It decides whether your body burns sugar for fuel…

Or stores it as fat…

Or lets it flood your bloodstream.

So if you struggle with blood sugar worries… feel like losing even 5 pounds is impossible… or suffer from fatigue…

It’s NOT your fault!

New science confirms your AMPK “button” could be in the OFF position.

So the key is to switch it to the ON position.

And that’s why I created this presentation for you today…

Because I’m going to show you how easy it is to turn AMPK on.

And what that means for your blood sugar worries… your belly fat… and your energy levels are nothing short of LIFE-CHANGING.

So let me show you exactly how your AMPK button works when it’s ON…

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Imagine eating a few slices of pizza for dinner…

If your AMPK is on, it tells your pancreas to make insulin in response to all those carbs and refined sugar…

Then the insulin tells your cells to open up and accept the sugar flooding in from the pizza.

AMPK also makes sure your cells respond to insulin and accept the sugar molecules.

Then, once the sugar molecules are accepted by your cells, they burn the sugar for energy.

So your blood sugar remains in a healthy balance.

No spikes. No crashes.

And because your metabolism is burning off everything you eat, you maintain a trim waistline.

The opposite happens when your AMPK is off…

…you eat that same pizza, sugar pours into your blood…

.. but AMPK isn’t telling your cells to respond to insulin and accept the sugar molecules.

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So your cells reject the sugar molecules… making your blood sugar levels skyrocket.

Even worse, when your body tries to fix the problem by pumping out even more insulin, it STILL doesn’t work because your cells are rejecting the sugar.

So – over time – the beta cells in your pancreas that make insulin get worn out and stop working. Now your body can’t even make enough insulin.

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All from your AMPK getting stuck in the OFF position.

And if your AMPK is off, you know exactly hopeless it can feel…

Even when you resist your favorite foods, or force yourself to go to the gym…

…you still gain weight.

And you worry more and more about your blood sugar.

Worse still, AMPK naturally decreases with age.

So these problems will probably get worse with each passing year.

That’s why I’m so excited about this breakthrough…

It was discovered by a Harvard doctor so famous for his medical advances that Harvard named their Diabetes Center after him.

I’m talking about Dr. Elliot Joslin the greatest blood sugar pioneer in history.

So why was Dr. Joslin’s discovery BURIED by the medical establishment in 1916?

Well, it’s because this breakthrough doesn’t need a drug or a treatment or any surgery.

And drugs, treatments, and surgeries are what the medical establishment believes in.

But this solution is natural. It harnesses your body’s own metabolism.

And most natural solutions are considered “quackery” by the medical establishment.

So imagine what it was like for a young and ambitious Dr. Joslin who was trying to help his patients with blood sugar worries.

Dr. Joslin tried all the conventional medical solutions… and failed.

Then one night he was reading the Bible and stumbled upon a possible solution. He knew enough about the body’s metabolism to believe this solution could work.

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So he decided to try it on his patients…

And he couldn’t believe the results.

His patients weren’t just a LITTLE better…

Now every single one of them had perfect blood sugar.

Not only that, their energy levels soared. And their belly fat melted away.

Dr. Joslin was so excited by these results, he presented his research on this breakthrough to the medical community.

But the other doctors didn’t adopt his natural solution. And it got buried by the medical establishment in favor of conventional treatments.

So what is this blood sugar solution?

Well - as you may guess - Dr. Joslin triggered AMPK in his patients…

But he did it by accident.

You see, the solution Dr. Joslin found in the Bible and used on his patients was fasting.

And fasting is the hardest way to trigger AMPK.

If you’ve tried fasting, you know how hard it is to do.

It can make you weak and tired… feel like it’s impossible to focus or even get off the couch… and you can’t stop thinking about food.

Most of my patients fail at fasting and, as a result, I rarely recommend it.

But here’s good news. There’s a much easier way to trigger AMPK.

In fact, it’s SO easy, anyone can do it… and it takes just 30 seconds a day.

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You see, when I saw all the evidence showing how triggering AMPK could be the solution for my patients and people like you, I went to work researching other ways to activate AMPK.

At first I just found difficult ways to activate it… like intense exercise and calorie restriction…

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I started to get discouraged…

But then I struck gold…

Because I discovered 5 little-known spices, foods, and natural compounds that can trigger AMPK.

Even better? These 5 AMPK triggers can work together to reset even the most “stuck” metabolism.

All without hunger pangs or feeling drained!

Just imagine what it would be like to finally end the blood sugar nightmare…

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And reset your natural metabolism to full power.

So your belly fat melts away… and you feel energized again.

Think about how different your life could be…

Amazing your doctor when he gets your tests back… and sees your healthy blood sugar levels…

Powering through your day with energy to burn… and then going out on the town with friends to party the night away…

And putting on your “skinny” jeans… and easily zipping them up!

All this and more is possible now thanks to these 5 unique AMPK triggers.

After finding these nutrients, I reached out to a group of professional researchers and laboratories here in the US. It’s a group called PureHealth Research.

Working together, we created the world’s first formula with these 5 AMPK-triggering nutrients that work together for balanced blood sugar.

It’s called Blood Sugar Formula

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Blood Sugar Formula works for everyone because it works at the cellular level to reset your healthy metabolism to the ON position.

So even if you’ve had blood sugar worries for years…

Even if you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked…

And even if you’re certain you’re a “hopeless” case…

…the combination of these 5 powerful AMPK triggers could work for you.

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So are you ready to see how they work?

It all starts with the weird pickle you see here:

This weird pickle is incredibly powerful.

In fact, it’s a favorite food of the longest living people in the world…

I’m sure you’ve heard of these people…

That’s right, the healthy 100+ year olds on the island of Okinawa in Japan LOVE this pickle!

They eat it every day. And not just as a pickle. They love it in stir fries… soups… and salads.

It’s called bitter melon

It turns out bitter melon may be the reason why Okinawans rarely have blood sugar worries.

And clinical studies show how it works to help balance your blood sugar.

In a recent study, scientists gave patients with blood sugar concerns bitter melon every day for 4 weeks.

After 4 weeks, they checked the patients’ blood sugar levels.

And what they saw made their jaws drop.

Because the patients taking the bitter melon had significantly reduced blood sugar levels!

And that’s not all. Bitter melon can also help you lose your spare tire without having to starve yourself or spending hours on the treadmill…

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In another study, researchers gave obese mice bitter melon every day.

And in just 7 days, the obese mice had a dramatic decrease in a body weight!

So bitter melon supercharges your fat-burning metabolism.

With amazing results like this, scientists wondered if bitter melon’s blood sugar “magic” was because it triggered AMPK.

So they decided to find out…

The researchers extracted 4 of the active compounds in bitter melon.

Then they introduced these compounds to human cells to see how they worked at the cellular level.

And they were stunned to see how all 4 of these compounds quickly triggered AMPK.

In fact, the scientists confirmed that bitter melon worked exactly like exercise to trigger AMPK.

That means bitter melon delivers the same blood sugar benefits as spending hours at the gym… without all the strain and sweat!

And bitter melon’s blood sugar benefits don’t stop there.

Clinical studies show it stimulates your cells to accept glucose…

…increases glycogen synthesis in your tissues to help move excess sugar in your blood into storage…

…and improves your glucose tolerance.

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That’s an amazing number of blood sugar benefits from one AMPK trigger.

But if you’re like most of us, you want the fastest results possible.

That’s why we included the next AMPK trigger… it works FAST.

And believe it or not, it’s probably one of your favorite spices!

You probably crave it starting the fall, and keep enjoying it all through the holiday season…

I’m talking about cinnamon

Cinnamon has been used by ancient healers since 2000 B.C.

And now modern science shows how powerful this spice really is. Especially when it comes to blood sugar.

In one study, scientists gave volunteers with blood sugar problems either cinnamon or a placebo.

Then they immediately took blood tests on the volunteers.

Result? The scientists were astonished to see that the volunteers taking cinnamon had significantly lower blood sugar levels.

Image Image

And that’s not all. They ALSO had improved insulin sensitivity!

Even more amazing, these results happened seconds after taking cinnamon.

That’s right, not months… not weeks… not days…

Just a handful of seconds!

But would these lightning-fast results last?

The scientists decided to find out.

So the scientists ran another blood test 12 hours later. And the results made their jaws drop.

Because the people taking cinnamon had maintained their balanced blood sugar and healthy insulin sensitivity for 12 hours straight!

And clinical studies show why cinnamon works so quickly to help you maintain healthy blood sugar…

That’s right, it triggers AMPK.

And cinnamon does even more than drop blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. New research shows it also…

Image Image

✔ Promotes healthy fasting blood sugar and A1C levels

✔ Reduces blood sugar spikes after meals

✔ And even supports healthy cholesterol levels!

But before you start adding cinnamon to everything you eat, there’s a real danger you need to know about.

Because the cinnamon on your spice rack is NOT the cinnamon used in these studies.

And there’s an important reason why the scientists used a different kind of cinnamon.

You see, the cinnamon you sprinkle on your coffee or eat in an apple pie is called Cassia cinnamon.

And Cassia cinnamon is loaded with a compound called coumarin.

Coumarin is a natural blood thinner. And too much of it can be dangerous.

Too much coumarin has been shown to damage your kidneys, liver, lungs, and more.

Now, if you’re just enjoying a little Cassia cinnamon in a favorite treat, you’re safe. But you wouldn’t want to take it in a supplement.

What you want is Ceylon cinnamon

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Ceylon cinnamon is much more expensive and hard to get because it’s harvested from the rare Cinnamomum verum tree found in Sri Lanka.

Ceylon cinnamon contains hardly any coumarin. Just 0.004%.

That’s 250 times LESS coumarin than Cassia cinnamon.

In fact, some tests on Ceylon cinnamon have found that the coumarin in it is so low, they can’t even find it!

That’s why Ceylon cinnamon is the second AMPK-triggering ingredient in Blood Sugar Formula.

But, believe it or not, the next AMPK trigger does even MORE…

It’s a nutrient that’s been used for perfect blood sugar in Ayurvedic medicine for over 5,000 years…

And now scientists have found out the reason why it’s so potent…

It’s called berberine

Berberine is a golden nutrient found in a variety of herbs including goldenseal, Oregon grape, and barberry.

And this AMPK trigger is real SOLID GOLD for your metabolism.

Here’s why. First, berberine revitalizes your fatigued beta cells in your pancreas.

This is a must for balanced blood sugar.

That’s because, as you now know, when your AMPK button is stuck in the OFF position, your beta cells get worn out and stop producing enough insulin.

Which makes your blood sugar worries even worse.

Image Image

But berberine can actually regenerate your worn out beta cells!

In a recent study, scientists gave rats with blood sugar problems either berberine, two other nutrients, or a placebo.

Then the researchers tested the rats’ beta cell function at the start of the study, and then again after 16 weeks of treatment.

The result? Stunning!

Because the rats taking berberine had nearly complete regeneration of their beta cells. So they were fully powered up again to produce insulin for balanced blood sugar!

But that’s just in rats. What about people?

Well, a huge review of 80 studies confirmed that berberine revitalized the beta cells in people with blood sugar concerns – helping them produce healthy insulin levels.

That’s amazing.
But that’s not all…

Image Image

Because berberine also works on the other end of your blood sugar metabolism: the insulin receptors on your cells. Or the lack of them.

And this is very important. If you don’t have enough insulin receptors, your cells simply can’t accept enough sugar into your cells. So sugar piles up in your bloodstream.

And this inability to accept sugar not only makes your blood sugar levels soar… it can also make you tired all time because your body can’t use sugar for energy.

That’s where berberine comes to the rescue.

Image Image

New clinical research shows how berberine supercharges your insulin receptors.

And by supercharging insulin receptors, your cells open up and accept sugar. So your blood sugar levels are balanced… and your energy returns.

But berberine does even more…

Because if you struggle with stubborn belly fat, berberine could be your answer…

In another study, researchers gave volunteers berberine every day for 12 weeks.

They also instructed the volunteers not to go on a strict diet or do any strenuous exercise during this time.

Then they weighed and measured the body fat of all the volunteers.

And the results nearly knocked me off my chair!

Because a staggering 100% of the participants lost weight… an average of 5 pounds.

And this wasn’t water weight either. The scientist confirmed they lost 3.6% of their body fat.

So by turning ON your natural fat-burning metabolism with berberine, you can say goodbye to stubborn belly fat!

Now, there’s no doubt diet and exercise are the gold standard of weight loss. But imagine your results when you add in the power of berberine!

Berberine is one of the most potent AMPK triggers found in nature… and that’s why we made sure to include it in the new Blood Sugar Formula.


But Blood Sugar Formula doesn’t stop there. It contains 2 more essential AMPK triggers…

And these two AMPK triggers do even more than help balance your blood sugar… they help with two different problems that can come with blood sugar worries…

First, do you ever suffer from numbness or tingling in your hands and feet?

If so, then you know how nerve pain can make your life miserable.

I’m talking about liver fat

Image Image

Liver fat is a serious concern for people with blood sugar problems – your risk is so much higher.

Liver fat can make you struggle with hormone problems… foggy thinking… weak muscles...

… or you may have no symptoms at all. Most people with liver fat have no signs at all until their health and even life is at risk.

You see, your liver is one of the most important organs in your body…

That’s because it performs over 500 essential functions.

Image Image

It balances sex hormones, filters all your blood, maintains healthy blood sugar levels…

It converts glucose into energy, produces over 13,000 crucial body chemicals, detoxifies your body…

It stores essential nutrients like vitamin D, maintains healthy cholesterol levels, breaks down and digests fat…

And the list just keeps going.

That’s why we included the next AMPK trigger…

This plant dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. In fact, it was made into a favorite sweet drink of the pharaohs…

It’s called licorice root

While licorice root may sound like something from the candy store, it’s actually a powerful herb.

And one of licorice root’s superpowers is fighting liver fat.

To find out how well it works, researchers gave 66 people with liver fat either licorice root or a placebo every day for two months.

The researchers also tested the people’s liver health at the beginning of the study and again at the end.

When they compared the results, they were astonished.

Image Image

Because the people taking licorice root had dramatic improvements in their liver health. So their livers became lean and healthy!

So licorice root not only helps to put an end to blood sugar worries by triggering AMPK…

It also helps to melt liver fat so you enjoy sharp thinking… balanced hormones… and more!

But there’s one problem with licorice root. It’s a compound called glycyrrhizin.

The problem with glycyrrhizin is that it has nasty side effects for people with blood pressure, liver, or kidney concerns.

That’s why we made sure to use DGL licorice (deglycyrrhizinated licorice).

DGL licorice is stripped of glycyrrhizin. So it’s safe to take daily and long-term.

Now, I’ve just told you about 5 powerful AMPK triggers that work together to reset your healthy metabolism… so you can finally enjoy the vibrant health and peace of mind you deserve.

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But now, let me tell you about the final way Blood Sugar Formula is far more effective than other blood sugar solutions you may have tried...

You see, blood sugar problems can be stubborn. You may have experienced how relentless they can be.

So you need all the blood sugar support you can get if you want long term relief.

Image Image

That’s why we also included 6 more scientifically studied blood sugar superstars including…

✔ Vitamin C

✔ Biotin

✔ Magnesium

✔ Zinc

✔ Chromium

✔ And banaba leaf

Combined with the five potent AMPK triggers, this combination of blood sugar nutrients adds the finishing touch your metabolism needs to make your blood sugar concerns a thing of the past!

So are you ready to find out how to get started? I’ll give you all the details in a moment.

But first, let me tell you about a little-known herb that tackles a big problem most people suffer from…

Let me ask you: do you crave sugar and sweets?

Image Image

Is it nearly impossible for you to resist the cookie jar… the ice cream section in the grocery store… or the local donut shop?

Then this little-known herb could set you free.

That’s because this herb banishes your sugar cravings.

When you take it, you won’t struggle to resist sweet treats. You won’t even have to try!

The herb?


Image Image

Gymnema is like no other herb on the planet…

That’s because gymnema actually blocks the sugar receptors on your tongue!

So when you eat something sweet like a chocolate chip cookie, instead of tasting something delicious, it tastes like nothing. Just a bland flavorless nothing!

That’s why gymnema makes it beyond easy to resist desserts.

And then it gets even better. Because new research shows how gymnema can even lower your appetite for all kinds of food.

So instead of feeling hungry all the time, you feel satisfied.

In this study, researchers put volunteers on a strict water fast. Meaning they ate nothing at all – just drank water.

Then the researchers gave the volunteers either gymnema or a placebo.

When the fast was over, the researchers gave the volunteers a variety of snacks to choose from.

Image Image

And they were shocked by what they saw the volunteers taking gymnema do…

Because they not only had less interest in sweets…

… they also ate less food overall!

Think about that. Starving-hungry people saying “no thanks” to food!

And think about what that could mean for you…

Imagine what could happen when you start easily resisting sugar-and-fat-filled desserts…

Looking in the mirror and doing a double-take because you look so much slimmer…

Image Image

Getting compliments galore from everyone you know…

And never fearing the scale again!

That’s why it is included gymnema in the new Blood Sugar Formula.

And Blood Sugar Formula is the ONLY formula I’ve seen with these 5 AMPK triggers that work together to reset your healthy metabolism.

And by resetting your metabolism, you’ll FEEL the difference…

In fact, I encourage you to test it yourself.

Once you receive your supply of Blood Sugar Formula, open the bottle and take two easy-to-swallow capsules with your next meal.

Then notice how after a few weeks…

You wow your doctor by acing your blood tests…

You wake up feeling more energy than you have in years…

And your body feels like it’s working “right” again… the way it did years ago.

Best of all, you could protect yourself against dangerous complications that can come with blood sugar worries…

… so you can hold on to your health and independence for life.


It’s all possible thanks to Blood Sugar Formula.

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… and a staggering $2,083.32 a year!

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But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that.

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All you have to do is click the button below and tell me where to send your supply of Blood Sugar Formula.

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